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I have a passion for teaching and started teaching from 1989. Since then, I have taught engineering and school students for various subjects.

I conduct classes for school students for Maths, Science, English, Hindi for CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE and State Board.

I instill confidence in children, love for studying and overall personality development.

Classes for Spoken Hindi Language:
Hindi Grammar for communication,
Framing of correct sentences and daily dialogues,
Building of vocabulary through conversation practice.

Classes for Spoken English
Spoken English classes for students, housewives and professionals
Training given according to the personal needs of students,
Confidence building for enhanced communication

Specially designed classes for English Grammar for students of classes 8th to 10th.


For details you can call or WhatsApp on +919043870951

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For details you can call or WhatsApp on +919043870951

Contact Us


Spoken Hindi

  • Hindi Grammar for communication,

  • Framing of correct sentences and daily dialogues,

  • Building of vocabulary through conversation practice.

Spoken  English

  • Training given according to the personal needs of students,

  • Confidence building for enhanced communication

  • Spoken English classes for students, housewives and professionals

Class I-V Tuition

  • Class Room

    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Board

    ICSE, CBSE, State

  • Taught in School or College


  • State Syllabus Subjects taught

    English, EVS, Science, Mathematics, Hindi

  • CBSE Subjects taught

    Hindi, Mathematics, Marathi, Science, EVS, English

  • ICSE Subjects taught

    Science, Mathematics, EVS, English, Hindi

  • Years of Experience in Class I-V Tuition


  • Teaching Experience in detail in Class I-V Tuition

    While Dealing With Engineering Students I Realized That The Concepts For Any Subject Should Be Clear From School Level So I Teach On This Basis In My Classes.It Helps Students To Understand The Subject And Easier To Score Marks. I Also Like To Instill Confidence In Students And Love For Subjects.

Class VI-VIII Tuition

  • Board

    CBSE, State, ICSE

  • Service Location

    Class Room

    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Taught in School or College

  • State Syllabus Subjects taught

    English, Hindi, EVS, Mathematics, Science, Yes

  • CBSE Subjects taught

    Mathematics, EVS, Science, English, Hindi, Yes

  • ICSE Subjects taught

    EVS, Mathematics, History, English, Physics, Geography, Hindi, Yes

  • Years of Experience in Class VI-VIII Tuition


  • Teaching Experience in detail in Class VI-VIII Tuition

    This Is Age Group of Students Where In Clarity of Concept Is Most Important . If This Age Group of Students Are Handled With Patience And Correct Guidance For Confidence Boosting, Then They Find It Easy To Decide Later In Their Education Standards Which Branch They Should Select.

Class IX-X Tuition

  • Board

    ICSE, International Baccalaureate, IGCSE, State, CBSE

  • Service Location

    Class Room

    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Taught in School or College


  • State Syllabus Subjects taught

    Hindi, Mathematics, English, EVS, Science

  • CBSE Subjects taught

    Marathi, Science, English, Hindi, Mathematics

  • ICSE Subjects taught

    Mathematics, Physics, Hindi, English, Biology, EVS

  • IGCSE Subjects taught


  • IB Subjects taught

    Hindi, English

  • Years of Experience in Class IX-X Tuition


Personality Development Training Classes

  • Service Location

    Class Room
    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Years of Experience in Personality Development Training


  • Teaching Experience in detail in Personality Development Training

    For PD classes we induce positive attitude towards life,confidnce building to handle different challenges, psycological strongness by expert faculty of 30 years experience in this field.students are given one to one advise for their improvement.

  • Courses in Personality Development Training Classes

    Personality Development and soft skills training

Cambridge English Learning

  • Service Location

    Class Room

    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Years of Experience in English Training


  • Courses in English Training Classes

    Cambridge Young Learners Exam for Standard 2 to Standard 5

    KET exam for std 6th

    PET exam for std 7th

    FCE exam for std 8th

    Cambridge Advanced English for std 9th

    Cambridge professional English for std 11th.

    Certification by Cambridge University.

    For details you can call or WhatsApp on +919043870951.

IELTS Coaching classes

  • Experience in taking IELTS exam

    3 years Experience

  • Demo Class Provided


  • Awards and Recognition


  • Background


  • Service Location

    Class Room

    Online (video chat via skype, google hangout etc)

  • Years of Experience in IELTS Coaching





EXcellent Learning E[experience

I had completed my graduation.For my Masters I planned to go to Canada. For that I got trained from Anita Madam for IELTS Exam. I have scored excellently in IELTS Exam under her training. Her teaching is excellent and professional. I am extremely satisfied by her teaching and the scores I achieved in IELTS EXAM. Thank You Anita madam for helping me to achieve my dream!

P. Kartika

English tution class 12

Firstly heartly ty to Anita mam ..she is really a wonderful teacher..She understands child psysologly vey well.. i’m glad that i am taking my english tution from her ..she gives personal attention to to everyone soo that they can clear their doubts..

Anshima lakhotia

Spoken English class

I had my spoken English class with her.. She teaches very well and easily I feel really good and day by day improve my communication skill very skill.. She encourage my day by day give some ideas to improves my speaking skills.. Thank u mam..


To teach is to touch a life forever

My son is attending spoke Hindi as well as regular school / Prachar Sabha exams. I have seen tremendous improvement in the way he has started conversing in Hindi after going to her classes. She encourages them to have group discussions which helps the child to converse well with others. Apart from the being a teacher, she also encourages children to be bold and independent. She also has a great command over maths and science which also helps my son understand and perform well in them too. Heartfelt thanks to Anitha for doing such a wonderful job !



“Mrs. Anita is an excellent teacher. Apart from teaching Hindi, she understands child psychology very well, makes the kids feel at ease and guides them along gently, at the same time inculcating discipline and instilling the love of learning. As a parent, I am satisfied with the way she handles her classes, giving individual attention to each child. Thank you ma’am! “

Dolly – attended SPOKEN HINDI

“I have been sending my son to mam’s class for the last two months and can already see so much improvement in his Hindi. She depicts patience as well the necessary amount of firmness in the children. Thank you mam and all best in all your endeavors. “

Haarika -attended Class VI-VIII Tuition

“My daughter is taking online tuition since from 15 months. Anita madam is a very good teacher. The way of teaching is excellent. She will make the student to learn easily and comfortably. She is having lot patience. So impressed with her. “

Shwetha Prasad – attended Class VI-VIII Tuition

“My daughter who is in 7th, started taking online classes from Anita Mam for Hindi. She had always struggled with Hindi. What she couldn’t learn in 5 years of Hindi at school, it just took mam 8 classes to help her gain confidence as well as fluency in Hindi. It was just an amazing thing to see. Mam is also currently teaching her Science and Maths. The best thing about learning from Anita Mam is – she not only works on the fundamentals of the subject, she also instills confidence and the love for learning that tremendously helps the student. My daughter really looks forward to Mam’s classes and I am seeing all round improvement in her overall performance. Thank you so much Anita Mam. She is indeed one of the best teachers I have had the privilege of knowing and am thankful that she is teaching my
daughter. “
Shwetha Prasad

Ravi – attended Class IX-X Tuition

“To be frank to admit ,Anita was contacted to coach my children in Maths and science and, in the bargain,not only did they excel in the learning that they got ,but also were fired up and motivated to do well in class. Believe it or not,My children are on their way to college shortly . Their performance as of now is that they have become rank holders and their hunger to compete has risen tenfold . As working parents,we hardly had time for them but now it seems that Anita has crafted them to excellence in every way in not only studies but also motivated them more than adequately to derive the quest towards learning and memorising through scientific means . Anita will surely be remembered by us and our kids for being an important role player as a wonderful teacher and guide. “

Anjali Ashar- attended Hindi for class VIII

This is my second year in Anita maam’s class. She is an amazing teacher .I never spoke Hindi well or fluently but I do now. She always asks us (students) to think positively and it works. She is my favourite teacher!! “
Anjali Ashar

Devika Menon- attended Spoken Hindi

“I was looking for a teacher to help me improve my spoken Hindi skills in a couple of months, and I couldn’t have found a better teacher than Anita ma’am. She took it upon herself to make sure I achieved my short term goals, which I honestly felt she made her own. The best thing about her as a teacher is that she doesn’t have a fixed style of teaching, but rather tailors her method to the needs and responses of her students. This is a rare quality in teachers and one I fully appreciated. I consider myself very lucky to have found her and to have had her as my teacher! “
Devika Menon

Pragati D – attended Spoken Hindi

“I am attending spoken Hindi classes for past 10 days. I actually don’t know to read and write Hindi, Anita mam patiently taught me to read as well as to speak. Within 10 days i am able to understand Hindi. She is such a good person helped me a lot to communicate in Hindi. I liked her way of teaching, she gives care to individual student. I would like to thank her for giving me such care. “
Pragati D

Anish – attended Spoken Hindi

“Firstly Anita madam has a very intense knowledge and good command over Hindi language. Effective and lucid way of teaching made me to understand the language at ease. one to one coaching and personal attention to me while teaching was great. Madam can teach Hindi language for any level be it for beginners or advanced and any Hindi exams with ease. I would definitely recommend Anita madam’s coaching for Hindi language. Also madam has a rich divine knowledge of cultural epics. Thank you madam.“

Harish Kumar attended Personality Development and soft skills training

“I am having own Business in Advertisement and Publication sector in Bangalore since last 5 years. I am Communicating with my clients regarding business and solving their expectations in this Business was really tough for me until I joined Anita Ma’am online classes in Personality Development since I have lack of Communication Skills.She is an excellent Personality Development teacher, taught me everything step by step, corrected me where I made mistakes, scheduled classes for me to suit my busy schedule, and never left any of my queries unattended.I am a changed Person now after attended her online classes.My communication skills far better than earlier.Now am getting lots of orders from India and as well as from overseas like USA, UK & Germany.Thanks to Anita Ma’am and also gratitude to UrbanPro for helping me find her. “
Harish Kumar

Fenz – attended Spoken English

Lovely Teacher…. Understand students need n evaluate them and work towards it… Would recommend Mrs. Anita.Thank U”

Suresh Krishnamoorthy – – attended Spoken English

“I am running my own business venture. I sincerely appreciate Mrs. Anita’s effects to make improvement in my spoken English skill. Before i meet/joined her class . I was very low in confidence & i am getting nervous while someone speaking in English with me. After i joined her class she figured out my struggling part in the language and trained me very specific .Also her training method is 1-2-1 format . So that she can easily find out our mistake and correct there itself . It will help to increase our confidence and improve our language skill . Finally I strongly recommended Mrs. Antia madam for who and all seeking a Tutor to improve their language skill. “
Suresh Krishnamoorthy

Duraibabu- attended Spoken English

“Before I joined in this class. I found of lot difficulties in Spoken English. Now my confidence in speaking English improved a lot after 15 classes. Her way of teaching is quite different from others. Within two classes, she easily understand where we are lagging. For 100% result, we need to follow her simple instructions. I highly recommend any one want to improve his or her English skill. My wishes to Anita Mam.”
Duraibabu- attended Spoken English

Anita Mam is a wonderful teacher

“Anita Mam is a wonderful teacher. Because I am coming from rural part of this state. I didn’t know how to speak English at the same time I couldn’t understand the language. But now I am speaking very well and my confident level also rose. She has a unique method of teaching. Even from the day one, I could see the difference in me. ”

Rathiga - attended Spoken English


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